Buying Classic Chevy Trucks


Chevy trucks aficionados are not just after the newer trucks built by Chevrolet. They are also into oldies but goodies trucks that have been magnificently preserved for long years. In fact, one can still find Chevy trucks made some 60 to 70 years ago. The vintage sensation that a classic Chevy truck bring is something invaluable.

For so many decades, Chevrolet proved that their maks are still the most loved by Americans. Consider the wonderful cruising that a Chevy truck gives. Plus the unimaginable sensation of driving a Chevy truck off road. Maybe regarded to be as satisfying.

When buying a classic Chevy truck, prefer the 1955-57 models. Chevy trucks during these times are gorgeous, solid and hard. Not to mention the heavy masculine inclination of the designs. Classic Chevy trucks during these years are really worth the price.

Art Deco trucks have its distinctive look for a Chevy truck. These trucks have marvelous front grills. These were made sometime from 1941 to 1946. However, many hot rodders prefer the 1955 to 1957 models.

Chevy trucks of the 1960’s were some what remakes of the 1950’s. Maintaining the muscular details and clean look and cutting only some small details. These trucks were out from 1960 to 1966. The next batch, 1967-1972 Chevy truck models, was more developed in terms of design but with plain

Buying a classic Chevy truck is like purchasing a new one. You need to think of the qualifications and set high standards. You also need to inspect the Chevy trucks for any damage or unwanted parts. Here are suggestions on what to do in inspecting your desired classic Chevy truck:

• Prepare several questions that will help you in arriving at your desired model. You may ask yourself what year and model you want to purchase, the design, the price, etc.
• Call the owner or the selling company and ask for the history of the truck. The history includes the age of the truck, the number of times it has undergone repair and so on. Do not rely on the answers on the phone. Visit the company or the owner and propose a test drive. That move will prove whether the seller is really telling the truth.
• Make an appointment with your mechanic. Tell him that you are to bring a truck for inspection. Make sure you are in the shop during the inspection.
• Do a general check up on the truck. You may not like your prospective truck to have leaks, rust, old hoses, etc.
• Look for past repair documentation. This must be provided by the selling company or the owner. This document is very important so that you may not have any hassle to find out what is really wrong with the truck.
• Set a price according to the inspection, the test drive and the history. Make sure that, whatever price you may end up with, you are still the most benefited.

Remember that you buy a classic Chevy truck not for long distance travel or heavy work loads but only for fun. You buy one to have the unexplainable feelings that other classic Chevy truck owners profess. Make sure also that you are satisfied with the result of the inspection made by your mechanic. You may also Buy Truck Caps and other accessories to improve your overall experience with your truck.

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