Cadillac’s Proposed Exciting New Coupe


Cadillac’s Proposed Exciting New Coupe

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Cadillac is giving serious consideration to building its first coupe in more than a decade. Read all about the CTS derived car that just may change the face of America’s luxury brand.

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Automaker Cadillac has a rich tradition of building exciting, highly regarded sedans as well as coupes. However, changes made to its line up over the past decade have resulted in a fleet of vehicles that now consists exclusively of sedans, crossovers, and sport utility vehicles. Gone are the days of the super size Eldorado and the Coupe de Ville, vehicles that long stood for Cadillac quality and excess. Today, plans are underway to bring in a coupe to compete against European rivals Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. Please read on for more information about the proposed CTS derived coupe.

The proposed CTS coupe being planned by Cadillac will not be an Eldorado nor will it be an updated version of the Coupe de Ville. As a large midsize two door model, the CTS coupe will be larger than its European competitors, but vastly smaller than preceding Cadillac coupes.

A 2008 Calendar Year Introduction

Slated for an overhaul for the 2009 model year, the CTS sedan will be the basis for the new coupe, thus virtually all of the parts will be shared between the two cars with the majority of the differences showing up in the roof pillars. Cash strapped General Motors wants to produce the car badly, but they don’t want to go overboard with development costs. Thus, the coupe and sedan would share an overwhelming majority of the same components.

Downsides to the New Coupe

The CTS coupe does have at least two downsides to it. First of all, the luxury coupe market isn’t that large and it has been shrinking. Second of all, the CTS will be larger than its European competitors more along the lines of the biggest cars from Mercedes and BMW. This could cause confusion for buyers, especially if the CTS is aimed at smaller cars but is sized with the larger models.

Upsides to the New Coupe

On the positive side, the CTS coupe throws open an important and profitable area of the car market to Cadillac. As part of its ongoing appeal toward harnessing younger buyers, the CTS will do for Cadillac in 2008 and beyond what the Escalade did earlier in the decade: lower the average age of Cadillac owners. The younger the buyer is, the better the chance that Cadillac will have them as customers for the long haul.

GM’s Money Woes Could Scuttle the Project

Of course, GM’s financial woes could cast doubt on the new model even though the CTS sedan is a go. Plus, it isn’t certain yet just how many coupes Cadillac would have to sell in order to turn a profit. Yet, if the car is built it could further signal GM’s commitment to building cars that buyers really want, a complaint that some consumers have voiced as reasons why they have left the general behind.

The smart money says the CTS coupe will be given the green light. Cadillac needs this car and consumers want a luxury coupe to light up their world. Who better than Cadillac?

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