The Show


The Vintage Car Show will be Unlike most of today’s Car shows or should I say reality shows where they show you 1 minute of the car and 25 minutes of everything else that the people in it do- that really has nothing to do with cars- the show is more about them- than the car- this show will be about the car and not about me. It took me years to develop it, I am trying to shop it around , one of the harder parts was securing the name ..where, website, face book and youtube are all the same… on these sites I will fill the pages with over 50 thousand photos of all kind, that I have taken and bought. The car is an amazing invention as well as a great hobby, I also will upload lots of auto related videos to these sites to draw more attention and to bring more people out to the CAR SHOWS ….not just this show …but what the car shows mean..they keep the great history of the vintage cars alive for future generations… .. if you choose to buy any advertising it will go towards building the show, I also have CDS of all the images also for sale, as well as other automotive related DVD’s

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