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The Vintage Car Show 2015 Cover


Picture taken at the Beacon Day Car show, here is a low res interactive PDF opens with abode reader , this is a partial layout of how the ads are placed and schedule looks  there is still more articles going in as well as ads .. there is more space  right now its going to be 16 pages 2015 the vintage car show schedule test

the 2015 vintage car show cover

the 2015 vintage car show cover

Albany Car Show 2014 Ford Mustang


The Albany, NY Auto Show took place on March 7th through March 9th and featured over 160 vehicles represented by 30 manufacturers from the auto industry.  This show highlighted what is in store for the consumer in 2014.  But, who cares about all the other cars?   The Dodge Dart (yes!) and The Ford Mustang were my favorites.

Though the 2014 Albany car show featured many newer cars, two of the older-named cars struck my fancy. The first was the Mustang! Who can forget the Mustang? It has been one of the most popular cars and one of the most desired among collectors for over the last fifty years. While keeping in line with the traditional design and even replicating the 1965 grill on the side, all I can say is that it’s awesome. I don’t know what size the motor is or how much tork the tranny has, or if it’s a four-wheel drive. Only a real car guy would know. As a car buyer, you will love it for the name and look and it certainly does look good.  If you get to drive it, you will still feel like you’re driving around in a classic Mustang, because you are! No other classic has held up this long while maintaining its beauty and style the way the 2014 Mustang has. It still lives up to its legendary name on its 50th anniversary.

The second car that I admired was the Orange Dodge Dart.  As a young man, it wasn’t one of my favorites. Maybe it is partly nostalgia for the name that has stuck in my head all these years, but it looks all grown up now and has come a long way from the square box that it used to be.  Now it looks like a reputable rival to any of the models that are out today.   I am sure there are some fans out there, even though it was always known for its odd color choices throughout the years.  The Dart would not disappoint you. Even though I loved the Mustangs, I was really impressed with how the Dart has evolved into a real car.

Be sure to check out the next article on the up-coming 2014 New York International Auto Show which is being held at the Javits Center on April 18th – April 27th.  I will be there filming and writing articles for my new series called The Vintage Car Show.  My next article will be about Resto-Mods, a fairly new trend that is catching on.

If you would like to see more pictures, Visit my website at www.thevintagecarshow.com and keep up with all the latest car shows in the area and see how these two classic cars have evolved over the years

Robert Henriksen

Albany Car Show 2014 Dodge Dart


Who cares about all the other cars ..The Dodge Dart (Yes)and The Ford Mustang were my favs .. (Article coming soon)

Hybrid Cars VS Diesel Powered Cars


Hybrid vehicles boast of an all-encompassing operational system. They operate by combining an electricity-run motor, a diesel engine and maximum-powered batteries. The battery gives off energy for the electric motor and recharges when it recaptures the energy that is usually lost when the car is lessening its acceleration or while it is coasting.

How Hybrid Cars Work

The distinction of the full hybrid from the mild variety is that the electric motor and the diesel engine can operate on their own and look at here to know about its complete operation. In most instances, the electric motor can function by itself in low speed, and once it picks up, the diesel engine automatically takes over. Both the motor and the engine can function together if the car is in hard acceleration.

This combined effort provides the car the power that it needs for that situation. Full hybrid cars can consume and build up electricity simultaneously. The full hybrid setup can be found in models such as the popular Toyota Prius, the Mercury Mariner Hybrid, and the Escape hybrid from Ford.

For instance, one can look at the way the Toyota Prius works. The Prius runs on a technology called the Hyrbid Synergy Drive, which involves a power split device to combine the energy of the electric motor and the gas engine. The HSD enables a effortless switching of power sources that the car driver would not notice in the slightest while driving. Because of the complexities of the Prius engine, you should find a trained prius engine repair technician to handle any repairs.

Unlike the other mild hybrid types, the Prius can be operated by the electric motor alone powered by the battery pack. As a result, a motorist can drive silently for short amounts of time. The Honda hybrids on this level cannot function just by the electric motor.

While speeding up a highway, the Prius utilizes the diesel engine as its main operator, and can get assistance from the generator if needed. Then this hybrid car shuts off the gas engine automatically during stops. This contributes greatly in mileage improvement and produces less emission. In case you encounter a problem with your car’s engine, let a professional auto repair technician inspect your vehicle and do the necessary repair.

Diesel VS Hybrid

A good case in point is Ford’s hybrid version of the Escape SUV, which boasted of emitting less than a pound of smog substances for every 15,000 miles the vehicle runs. This is a great improvement considering that traditional diesel-powered light trucks emit around 105 pounds of smog pollutants for the same 15,000-mile distance. Even regular cars produce 67 pounds!

So really, there isn’t going to be much argument over the great savings a consumer can gain with a hybrid vehicles. Sure, it comes at a cost, but its long term gains truly outweigh the initial price shock. After, over time, when more people realize the merits of hybrid vehicles, supply will definitely go up and push prices down.

Environmentally-conscious individuals would find heaven with hybrid cars. However, since they are just being introduced in the market, they can come at quite an expense. With increased patronage, it is hoped that more hybrid cars will become accessible to everyone in the future.