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Albany Car Show 2014 Ford Mustang


The Albany, NY Auto Show took place on March 7th through March 9th and featured over 160 vehicles represented by 30 manufacturers from the auto industry.  This show highlighted what is in store for the consumer in 2014.  But, who cares about all the other cars?   The Dodge Dart (yes!) and The Ford Mustang were my favorites.

Though the 2014 Albany car show featured many newer cars, two of the older-named cars struck my fancy. The first was the Mustang! Who can forget the Mustang? It has been one of the most popular cars and one of the most desired among collectors for over the last fifty years. While keeping in line with the traditional design and even replicating the 1965 grill on the side, all I can say is that it’s awesome. I don’t know what size the motor is or how much tork the tranny has, or if it’s a four-wheel drive. Only a real car guy would know. As a car buyer, you will love it for the name and look and it certainly does look good.  If you get to drive it, you will still feel like you’re driving around in a classic Mustang, because you are! No other classic has held up this long while maintaining its beauty and style the way the 2014 Mustang has. It still lives up to its legendary name on its 50th anniversary.

The second car that I admired was the Orange Dodge Dart.  As a young man, it wasn’t one of my favorites. Maybe it is partly nostalgia for the name that has stuck in my head all these years, but it looks all grown up now and has come a long way from the square box that it used to be.  Now it looks like a reputable rival to any of the models that are out today.   I am sure there are some fans out there, even though it was always known for its odd color choices throughout the years.  The Dart would not disappoint you. Even though I loved the Mustangs, I was really impressed with how the Dart has evolved into a real car.

Be sure to check out the next article on the up-coming 2014 New York International Auto Show which is being held at the Javits Center on April 18th – April 27th.  I will be there filming and writing articles for my new series called The Vintage Car Show.  My next article will be about Resto-Mods, a fairly new trend that is catching on.

If you would like to see more pictures, Visit my website at www.thevintagecarshow.com and keep up with all the latest car shows in the area and see how these two classic cars have evolved over the years

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