The Benefits Of Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles have been in existence since way back in 1830, and are becoming popular again with so many people being concerned about pollution and the rising cost of gasoline. Electric vehicles have been used for many years in the form of golf carts and have also been used as fleet vehicles by servicemen such as meter readers. However, due to the continued commitment and research efforts of the major car manufacturers, electric vehicles are becoming available today that are practical for normal street use, just as a gasoline powered vehicle would be. Car owners even have the option to convert their fuel-powered vehicles into EV’s by using EV Education resources.

Electric vehicles are popular because, unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, they produce no tailpipe emissions, which are known to cause heavy air pollution. Another reason for their popularity when compared to gasoline powered vehicles is that they actually use 75% of the power generated by the electricity, while a gasoline powered vehicle only uses 20% of the power produced by the gasoline, leaving the other 80% to pollute the air, clog up car components, etc.

While there is not a huge market for electric vehicles at this point in time, there are a number of companies that produce them for various reasons, with one of the reasons being NEV. If you need an ev charging station or EV charger installation in NJ, visit sites like or consult experts like Gator Electric for professional help. You might also want to check out this EV charger installation in Green Bay, WI or services that provide EV charger installation in Lafayette, IN. In addition, you may call GB Electrical Services to install an ev charger in your home.

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