Interior Car Floor Mats Are A Must Have For Living In The Northwest


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Living in the state of Washington requires driving in all types of weather conditions.

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Living in the state of Washington requires driving in all types of weather conditions. Whether I’m driving in rain, slush, snow or its dry and dusty, my vehicle’s interior floor was vulnerable to a quick deterioration if left unprotected. Repeated, everyday use and exposure to the elements a vehicle’s floor will quickly devalue your vehicle’s appearance. Here’s a list of the most common offenders to damaging your vehicle’s interior floor:

– Foot friction wear from the driver and passengers entering and exiting
– Moisture- rain, slush, snow
– Mud and road grime
– Fast food and sticky soda pop that spills
– Shoe grime and crude stuck to your shoe

For maximum protection of my Chevy Suburban’s interior, I accessorized it with custom, form fitting WeatherTech floor liners for the first, second and third rows and a WeatherTech cargo liner for the back. Now every inch of floor space throughout my spacious Suburban is protected.

Before I bought the WeatherTech floor liners and cargo liner products, I wanted to shop to find the best product for my vehicle and my lifestyle. What I discovered while shopping was a vast selection of floor mats, floor liners and cargo liners. There is such a difference between manufacturers, price, materials used and the fit.

For me, living in Washington State with its temperamental weather conditions, l needed all-weather floor liners that would fully protect and shield my vehicle’s OEM carpet. Only after researching all the different types of floor mats available, did I realize carpet floor mats are better suited for drier climates typical of the southern part of the United States. Hence, all floor mats and liners are not all alike and have different features for different climates.

Once I narrowed my search down to finding all weather floor protection products, I could look at the difference between all rubber or high tech poly-based materials – floor mats and floor liners. The difference between a mat and liner isn’t as obvious as it may seem. A floor mat is easily removable and doesn’t cover the whole floor area. Today’s floor liners are digitally, custom molded and shaped to the vehicle’s interior specifications for a quality fit and maximum protection.

For me the choice was easy with kids, Labrador dogs and an active life, I chose to go with floor liners by WeatherTech. The liners fit every exposed inch of my vehicle’s interior floor. The appearance is complementary to my upholstery and dash. Clean up of the floor mats is easy by simply vacuuming and lightly wiping any remaining dirt off with a damp cloth. I am quite satisfied with my purchase of the WeatherTech floor mat and cargo liner and would recommend them to anyone looking for a superior floor protection product.

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