K&N Air Filters cleaning air for up to 1,000,000 miles?


K&N Air Filters cleaning air for up to 1,000,000 miles?

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What’s the secret to the K&N air filter? With just a simple cleaning every 50,000 miles, this air filter can last longer than the life of your vehicle.
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For more than 30 years, K&N Filters have been the choice in engine filtration. The K&N filter delivers virtually unrestricted flow letting your engine run stronger, cleaner and with greater fuel efficiency. And yes, their warranty is good for 1,000,000 miles. So you could use your single air filter on all of your family’s vehicles for your entire life and only K&N has a guarantee and industry approval to hold up.

The secret of the K&N filter is its filter medium. Four to six sheets of pleated and oiled cotton-gauze are layered between two sheets of aluminum wire mesh. This proven design stops dirt, dust and other harmful particles like no other filter, all while clean, power-enhancing air flows freely to your engine.

With no costly changes and services, your K&N filter will save you money. And, you’ll be helping the environment by reducing the number of disposable air filters that end up in landfills.

Have any doubts that you can install one on your own? Don’t worry; it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Performance air filters fit in the exact spot where your restrictive paper filter once lived. Installation involves quick loosening or removal of your air box for cleaning. Once dry and dirt-free, fit the performance air filter in place. Cleaning makes for a tight seal between the air box and the polyurethane border. If you’re one of the proud few who has never changed their own air filter, location and directions can be found in the manual for your vehicle. It’s super easy. The average install time is 10 minutes or less.

The immediate and long-term benefits to installing a K&N air filter in your ride are as follows:

Improved airflow to your engine

Boosted horsepower, performance and gas mileage

Better filtration of engine-destroying dirt

Easy maintenance, thanks to infrequent cleaning

Environmentally-friendly reusable materials

It’s the last filter you’ll ever need – saves you from the expensive disposable filter circus

Helping your vehicle’s power by upgrading your vehicle’s air system doesn’t stop with the filter. There are also entire air intake replacements that combine a performance air filter with a wider intake tube for faster, higher volume airflow. This is a topic for a different discussion and future article… ; )


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