Private Sellers And Car Dealers No Longer Have To Pay To List Their Cars


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Summary: and hopes to change how online car classifieds do business by allowing both private sellers and dealers all across Canada and the US to list their entire inventory for free.

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Let us face it, in today’s fast declining economy it is getting harder and harder to just get by. Many of the sales people who make a living selling for car companies are having more problems than the rest of the salary or hourly work force. This is because these poor folks work for commission and when people do not have the money for food they most certainly do not have the money for a brand new car. Well Richard Kerr wants to help these people get back on their feet.

Richard owns the website and Both of these sites allow users to post a free classified ad to sell their cars. Imagine! With eBay and other car sites taking a listing fee, plus a percent off the top, you are left with even less profit in these hard times. and take NOTHING for a fee, not a listing fee and most certainly not a commission off the top. Richard wants to help everyone he can, this includes everday people listing a car or dealers listing their entire inventory.

In addition to offering the all important free ad for their cars, Richard is offering a feature packed line up to help you sell your car. This includes adding up to 12 high quality images, which allows visitors to see just how nice your car really is. Plus, no registration is required, you can list your car for free faster than before because you do not even have to waste time registering. Your ad stays online for 60 days, unless you delete it because it sold or you want to extend it. You can add, edit, delete or extend your ad at any time you wish, giving you maximum control over what you want users to see about your vehicle.

Private sellers and dealers are both welcome to join in on the fun. That means every single one of you who has a car they are trying to sell on eBay won’t have to waste their time with those ridiculous listing fees and other fees you might inccure. That is not even the best part through! and allow not only car owners and car dealers to list their vehicles. They also allow ATV, RV, motorcycle, watersport and boat owners and dealers to list them for sale right on and Get in on the fun in the sun without all those fees! and are here to help you sell your car, ATV, RV, motorcycle, watersport vehicle or boat!

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