Protect Your BMW’s Finish


You just paid a cool $73,000 for your fashionably new BMW and are cruising down the boulevard enjoying the ride. You zig and zag your way around the slow movers, marveling over the responsive steering and handling engineered into your 750i. As you pull into your driveway, park your sedan, and exit your vehicle, you turn around and your eyes feast upon its stunning Kalahari beige metallic finish. Quite frankly it is the most attractive looking vehicle you have ever owned. Unfortunately, many new BMW owners fail to provide the one level of protection that can keep your car’s expensive finish from permanently losing its luster. What is that? Read on and I will tell you about a product that simply must be part of every luxury car owner’s inventory. If you keep your vehicle in your garage, make sure that the garage doors get regularly serviced by a garage door repair technician for the security of your vehicle as well as your home. Try to not leave garage door repair work for last, as a malfunctioning door can cause quite a hassle, maybe even blocking access to your vehicle temporarily.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, what I am talking about is a custom fitted car cover for your bimmer. Yes, even if you garage your 750i or other fine vehicle, time and the elements will certainly attack your car’s finish. Sure, you can do regular washes and waxes, but the inevitable will happen: something, somewhere will damage the finish. Besides, do you want to spend every weekend polishing your car? I doubt that!

No, you can’t drive with a car cover on, but you can certainly have a car cover on hand to keep your parked car safe. Yes, there are enough things out there that can harm an expensive finish, even damaging it to the point where only an expensive repair can remedy the insult. The following are some of the hazards just waiting to happen:

1. Bird excrement – You don’t need to be parked under a tree for your car to get hit; a single drive-by bombing by a winged creature can do your finish in.

2. Weather – Rain, snow, ice, and especially hail can damage a car in mere moments.

3. Trees – A small branch can scratch any finish.

4. Sun – Harmful solar rays are bad for your skin and your car’s skin too.

5. Pollution – There is no place on earth that is pollution free. Acid rain and airborne driven particles just love a new car’s finish.

6. Kids – Try keeping your neighbor’s kids away from the car. You may succeed, but hit balls can make a beeline for your wheels. Some car covers even offer protection against minor impacts.

All right, so you are cleverly thinking that your garaged vehicle is immune to such petty insults, right? Well, in one word you are incorrect. Indoor air pollution and dust can take its toll on your car’s finish as can small impacts from anything that falls off of a wall and onto your car.

The solution? Select a car cover that is right for your vehicle. Even if you keep your car garaged most of the time, the best car cover on the market can protect your bimmer from moisture, the sun, dirt, pollution, and small impacts. Choose one that is custom made for your car with side mirror pockets built in and four layers of quick drying polypropylene material to provide the ultimate level of protection. You don’t want something so thin that it doesn’t provide all around protection – you just never know when you will have to have your car outside for an extended period of time – and you don’t want a car cover that entombs your BMW either. Instead, select one that works with your bimmer, not against it.

Best of all, premium car covers can be had for under $200, a worthy investment for any car luxury or not. So, enjoy your new 750i, but give yourself some peace of mind by selecting a car cover that can protect its finish and keep it looking great for many years.


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