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Hello & Welcome to The Vintage Car Show


Welcome to The Vintage Car Show, watch a few Youtube videos while we set this new site up, there are now over 60 thousand pictures so far, ads, magazine covers etc.(move mouse over top links and more links appear) We are only 3 months old! I am going to be uploading 10 thousand auto articles next, followed by my own pictures (25,000)and then lots of video.  Another cool addition If you click on the header above this post the fonts on the banner will change, there are about 16 different vintage fonts, which also change every time you go to another page..this site is updated on a daily basis. for the car lover there is enough on this site to keep you busy for the rest of your life..with out all the social media BS… and as you can see its not only about CARS,

Coming Soon!  The Vintage Car Show will explore all there is to know about the history of the Auto Industry (not only cars) over 60 part series coming soon..like us, love us and share us

 the vintage car show

 This is what my Business card , T-shirts  and Car Show  Banner looks like.

In a flurry of activity here with the 2014 car show season upon us, The First magazine is printed ready to hand out, Just Confirmed The 2014 NY Auto Show Press passes, Finished the Albany show, I’m gonna cover car shows and Races in 6 east coast states this season, bringing a lot of new content
I just added 3 USA database sites where you can find or list Auto Repair,Auto Parts and a USA Auto Racing directory.…List yourself for FREE…..  COMING soon The Vintage Car Show event Lister and  Locator…. this site will have well over 250,000 pages of auto info… and more news on the way when I confirm it …

PS. If you are From Brooklyn or love vintage and iconic stuff from back in the day, check out my new website and my first Book in a series of Brooklyn books, this one is from my birth place and called “The Park Slopian” just look to the right

The Vintage Car Show Synopisis


The Vintage Car Show will be Unlike most of today’s Car shows or should I say reality shows where they show you 1 minute of the car and 25 minutes of everything else that the people in it do- that really has nothing to do with cars- the show is more about them- than the car- this show will be about the car and not about me. It took me years to develop it, I am trying to shop it around , one of the harder parts was securing the name ..where, website, face book and youtube are all the same… on these sites I will fill the pages with over 50 thousand photos of all kind, that I have taken and bought. The car is an amazing invention as well as a great hobby, I also will upload lots of auto related videos to these sites to draw more attention and to bring more people out to the CAR SHOWS ….not just this show …but what the car shows mean..they keep the great history of the vintage cars alive for future generations… .. if you choose to buy any advertising it will go towards building the show, I also have CD’s of some of the images also for sale, this pertains to certain picture i took as well a vintage pictures in the public domain as well as other automotive related DVD’s



Description of The Vintage Car Show


The Vintage Car Show will be about several things, all of them are about the many aspects of the auto industry through out the years, There will be 3 to 4 segments of the half hour show, mostly taking place at Car Shows- besides selling the Advertisements framed I will also be selling CDs which will have scanned images of the ads this off set the cost of building and maintaining the websites