Ten Must Knows When Renting A Car


Ten Must Knows When Renting A Car

Most of us use the convenience of a rental car when traveling and generally select a car rental at random right outside the airport or train station. Now things are different, you can arrange Sprinter Van Rentals online and specify your pick up and drop off point. There are directories where many companies are featured and you can easily compare the services as well as pricing of different car rental companies.

As a discerning consumer it would be a great advantage if you kept in mind:

1. That you need to keep the paper work ready before renting a car. You need to be over 25 years old, have a valid driving license, have an ID card that is universally accepted, your social security number may be required too. Before you make arrangements, check whether your driver’s license is valid where you intend to go. Otherwise be sure to apply for the requisite permissions.

2. Find out whether the car has currently valid insurance and whether it has passed a road test recently. Ask specifically whether the car’s papers are in good order and when it was last serviced. Consider opting for damage coverage many rental companies make the offer for a nominal amount.

3. Check what the rental charges cover and whether there is an extra charge payable for drop off and pick up of the vehicle. Some companies offer the service for free while others do charge an extra amount.

4. Always ask for confirmation of booking and read through the terms and conditions thoroughly.

5. Check what the refueling options are. Most rental companies offer conveniences like getting a car with a full tank or filling the fuel yourself. You need to decide what is most feasible.

6. Always comparison shop for good rates. If your dates are flexible ask about special offers and discount periods. Rental companies also run promotional schemes so be sure to know what is on offer and how it will benefit you. If you book early you will get better rates than closer to the date of use. Rates also vary depending on the kind of car you wish to rent. Ask whether you are eligible for any discounts.

7. Choose a car that will fulfill your needs. Find out about luggage storage and racks , how many the car will seat comfortably, and whether or not the heater/air conditioner are working. If you will be using the car for a formal event, you may consider getting in touch with a limo company. There are companies that provide Limo Rental Solutions for any type of occasion.

8. Most companies will not accept cash so make arrangements to carry a card with a low limit for making payment. Also if your company has a regular contract with the car rental then use their relationship to make arrangements. You will get superior service as well as a god rate.

9. If you are traveling with a companion decide whether the companion will drive the rental car too. If yes ask the company what their policies are regarding an additional driver.

10. Take down the 24/7 numbers of customer service and numbers where the car rental people can be contacted on an emergency.

The keys areas in car rental are good customer service, flexibility, great vehicle selection, and excellent terms and conditions. Rent a car that makes your trip easy not a nightmare.

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