Oculus Rift Lexus 2015 New York City International Auto Show


Von: The Vintage Car Show


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The Vintage Car Show footage from the 2015 New York City International Auto Show held at The Javits Center

While mostly everyone will be looking at new cars,

The Vintage Car Show will be there working on episodes about the evolution of the automobile and the technological advances that have led us from the bicycle to the automobile of today.

Just remember that before we were riding around in cars, we were riding around on horses and bicycles…… We’ve come a long way baby! The Vintage Car Show website offers several things for the car lover, such as a car show schedule magazine, a website with plenty of automobile-related articles,

and a database of over a hundred thousand pictures through which to browse.

The website also offers several nationwide automotive databases where you can locate and list your automotive-related company and your local car shows. With a television/web series that is in the works.

Be sure to visit the Vintage Car Show website to watch clips from all the car shows we attend during the 2015 season @ http://www.thevintagecarshow.com

Better yet, grab the family or go to one by yourself, It’s a great way to spend the day

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